About Us

About Us

Ideal Life Medical Co. for Trading and Distribution is a leading medical supplies distributor that has been furnishing the Saudi market with cutting-edge medical technologies since 2010. We are in the business of improving people’s lives, and over the course of our operation Ideal Life Medical Co has succeeded in earning a primary position and a solid reputation as a trusted medical supplier that provides innovative healthcare solutions to its customers. 

Throughout these years, Ideal Life Medical Co has been able to understand the medical supplies business, gain experience, and therefore secure a prominent position as the sole agent and preferred distributor for several world leading medical device companies.

At Ideal Life Medical Co, we believe that talent is an indispensable prerequisite, and that long-term development is an ever-growing duty. Backed by the commitment and vitality of our professional people, we have always been able to address the different market challenges of delivering high quality medical products at competitive prices through a relentless process of learning and continuous improvement.

Complying with ethical processes, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for sustainable growth are the fundamentals for both the market leadership we enjoy today, and the achievements we will attain tomorrow.

Ideal Life Medical Co for Trading and Distribution is a subsidiary of Alamoudi Group, One the leading groups in Saudi market wth a capital of $550 million. Alamoudi Group covers different  fields including :

(construction services , Engineering consultation, educational services, Schools Management, Medical planning , Medical retail trading and healthcare companies).

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To be the go-to choice for our partners of medical professionals and globally renowned medical corporations, and to play an effective role in improving people’s lives by delivering state-of-the-art medical devices and healthcare technologies.

Our Mission

To provide best-in-class medical products and constantly create value for our stakeholders by supporting continuous learning, development and ethical collaboration with healthcare professionals.

Core Values

  • Integrity and Respect: We provide our services with honesty and transparency, which are the driving forces to provide consistent trustworthy services for both our clients and partners.
  • Care and Compassion: We are energized by our care and compassion to provide superior healthcare solutions that can help people have better healthy lives.
  • Cooperation and Hard Work: We strive for excellence and delivering world-class services, which can only be achieved through outstanding efforts and collaborative team work.