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Ideal Life Medical Co. is a leading medical device provider that has been furnishing the Saudi market with cutting-edge medical technologies since 2010. We are in the business of improving people’s lives, and we have succeeded in earning a primary position and a solid reputation as a trusted medical devices supplier that provides innovative healthcare solutions to its customers.

Medical Wellness

Medical Wellness

Feeling well is a natural desire to all. The best way is to achieve this naturally. There are times, however, when we need assistance to feel well. And medical intervention can help changing our life for better. Ideal Care Medical provides healthcare professionals with up-to-date techniques and tools to help them help their patients reach wellness
Bariatric & Gastroenterology

Bariatric & Gastroenterology

With bariatric and gastroenterology being at the core of Ideal Life Medical, we strive to maintain the lead in bringing the latest technologies which ensure efficacy, quality, simplicity, and safety to health professionals.


Skin is the largest and most exposed organ in the human body. Frequently underestimated and under taked care of, resulting in medical and psychological consequences. Yet, we at Ideal Life Medical put skin treatment as an important part of our vision to provide the best solution for various medical and cosmetic treatments.

Why Ideal Life?

1. We have extensive experience and deep understanding of the Saudi medical devices market throughout more than a decade of business operation since our establishment in 2010. 

2. We stand a strong financial position that provides a stable durable position that can support our business and future growth.

3. We pride ourselves with firm market coverage through our headquarters in Jeddah and branch offices across the country.

4. We provide our services with care and professionalism with the best-in-class people, and state-of-the-art products.

5. We enjoy the valuable trust of customers and world-renowned medical suppliers, with a number of fruitful partnerships with leading multinational medical corporations.